GaN can produce substantial performance and size improvements in your RF and power management application. GaN’s superior performance is because of high current density, low on-resistance and ability for high operating temperature. The solutions are very small in size, highly power efficient and highly competitive on pricing.


Tagore is a fabless semiconductor company using a high volume GaN process. Tagore is headquartered in Arlington Heights Illinois USA and was founded in January 2011 by an experienced group of RF and power management design engineers. Tagore benefits from an executive management team with a valuable breadth of experience in the semiconductor industry. Tagore is a private company owned by the founders and by venture capital investors, and the employees.

Tagore’s RF Switch products decrease the device size for handling high RF power, while simultaneously and dramatically lowering the current drain. This is proving highly effective in a range of leading edge customer systems.


RF Power Amplifiers: Tagore’s GaN on Silicon Power Transistors have started to roll out in 2017 offering high performance and competitive pricing.


Power Management: Tagore has provided highly efficient solutions for power management applications and we welcome the opportunity to work on designing custom solutions for new projects requiring advanced integrated designs.


Benefits: Our proprietary technologies significantly reduce complexity, size and power consumption of wireless systems and other applications. We address key challenges in LTE/Multi-Standard Cellular Infrastructure, Land Mobile Radio, and Military Radios. Other major markets include: Automotive, Industrial, Satellite Communications, Medical and Mobile Devices.